I’m a mother to two incredible little girls: Willow (who I named my business after) and Fearne (who might be a bit too wild for the photography life!).
I am set on making Willow Tree something very special: something that’s affordable for every family, and family to be, as I know having babies is far from cheap. We all love sharing those great photos of our little ones, especially since those early moments are so fleeting. I pride myself on creating a day to treasure and capturing these once in a lifetime moments with your family. I offer a range of packages to help you do this, all of which you can see below
. I live just outside Dumfries and spend every spare second I have cuddling my girls, exploring the outdoors with them, my husband and our labrador.
I would love to share these special moments with you, capturing everything for you to cherish forever. Let me borrow your baby!! xx