Portrait Photography

Portrait sessions are a relaxed and fun experience, and are available midweek and weekends. You can choose the time that suits your family’s routine best, I’m very flexible. I photograph your family as you are naturally, taking gorgeous portraits of your little ones playing and interacting with you. We allow 1.5 hours for a family portrait session (with additional coverage available on request).

Maternity Photography

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Newborn Photography

My aim is to give each client a relaxed, bespoke experience tailored to the needs of you and your baby. My photography style is soft and classic producing timeless images you will still cherish and display for years to come.

Willow Tree Photography

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Jasmine Bryson

I’m a mother to two incredible little girls: Willow (who I named my business after) and Fearne (who might be a bit too wild for the photography life!).
I am set on making Willow Tree something very special: something that’s affordable for every family, and family to be, as I know having babies is far from cheap. We all love sharing those great photos of our little ones, especially since those early moments are so fleeting. I pride myself on creating a day to treasure and capturing these once in a lifetime moments with your family. I offer a range of packages to help you do this, all of which you can see below
. I live just outside Dumfries and spend every spare second I have cuddling my girls, exploring the outdoors with them, my husband and our labrador.
I would love to share these special moments with you, capturing everything for you to cherish forever. Let me borrow your baby!! xx